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The Set List #6

Updated: May 9, 2019

Welcome to The Set List

The Setlist is RMC Studio's weekly newsletter! It's jam packed with awesome pictures, videos, and news that you won't want to miss. So make sure you always keep your eye on the setlist, you're gonna want to know what's coming up next!

This Week's Set List:

- Spring Fling and Garwood Rocks

- New Peeps

- Connor & Kara Mean Muggin'

- A Little Drummer

- The Game of Gaub's


Studio News and Events

Catch our RMC students at Westfield Spring Fling this Sunday!

This Sunday is the Westfield Spring Fling and RMC will have a variety of talented students performing! We'll have multiple solo acts, a rock shop, and the RMC Jazz Ensemble will have their debut performance! It's going to be an awesome day of fun in Westfield, so be sure to come out and jam with us!

RMC will be representing hard at Garwood Rocks this year!

Summer is right around the bend and that means Garwood Rocks is right around the bend too! RMC will be showing up in full force this year, with performances on the main stage at 11:15 and even more performances all day at our RMC Studio Stage in front of our building.


Welcome Wagon

We've got some new students to welcome to RMC Studios! A very warm welcome to:


Haden, Guitar

Teacher - Liam Hughes


Rachel, Voice

Teacher - Kara Delonas


Joshua, Sax / Clarinet

Teacher - Dan Hutchinson


Chloe, Voice

Teacher - Moly Delonas

Welcome to the RMC family!

We can't wait to make some music with you!


Student / Teacher Juke Box

Every week we're gonna ask a student and their teacher to each name a song that they've been jamming on! This week we feature Connor and his teacher Kara!


"Imagine" - John Lennon

"I like how it has a beautiful melody and it's inspirational and gives you hope."


"Rocket Man" - Elton John

"I like how it's inspirational and has a nice melody. It's also fun to listen too"

Editors note: No, you're not reading double. Connor just wanted to punk Kara with his answer!


RMC Featured Video

Chase ROCKED the studio with his drum set skills this week! At only 4 years old, Chase is making some amazing progress on the drums! Way to go Chase!!!


EJ's Thought Bubble

As the fearless leader behind RMC Studios, EJ's brain is chock full of introspective musings. So much so that we've created a space for him to offload those musings and share them with the world! This is EJ's Thought Bubble...

The Game of Gaub's battles are so intense and so poorly lit that EJ has a hard time maintaining his regular level of Deep Thought.

1.) Quote I am Pondering: 

"It is fatal to meet life with the burden of certainty, with the conceit of knowledge, because after all, knowledge is merely a thing of the past."

- Jiddu Krishnamurti

What I love about this quote is that is serves as a constant reminder to challenge my own thoughts, my own way of viewing the world and each and every situation I find myself in. If we are wired for survival and my mind is an archive of recorded experiences designed to predict future outcomes, it is very easy to get caught up in routine habitual thinking with history constantly repeating itself. Looking at things with fresh eyes opens up all kinds of possibilities.

2.) Embarrassing Family Photos and Track I am Currently Listening to:

Ok, so this week will be a tribute to Game of Thrones "RED WOMAN." It will take me a minute to get around to tying her in as I have found with most of my family photos...there is simply just so much to unpack.

First off, a quick moment of real talk for the parents out there. I have two daughters. We all love our kids unconditionally, support them, and look to find ways to build them up. However, there is that tiny part of us that also just wants things to run smooth and maybe we find ourselves hoping that our child is not the one eating sand from the community sand box or insisting on wearing their underwear on the outside of their pants to school. Yet I am sure there are many successful people today who did said things.

My first conscience crisis came when my oldest was in Kindergarten. It was her first "school picture" and we were all so excited. "Our little girl is growing up! She's so beautiful! This picture will surely be like photographing an angel, how will the school photographer contain himself from just bursting into tears of joy?!"

Well... when this picture came back... lets just say I'm glad there was not a thought bubble over my head. Seriously? Come on! Couldn't you wait till like 2nd or 3rd grade for this kinda thing? Cause you guys know... at that age, they plaster your child's picture on everything! She has more laminated pictures on lanyards than a VIP backstage at Cochella. There is a laminated picture for everything. Incase your child is lost... boom, laminated picture. Your child has an allergy... boom, laminated picture. Your child does not like to paint with the color green in art class... boom, laminated picture. So one day I worked up the courage to ask her what was up. I said..."hey, with your school picture, were you in pain? Was someone pinching you off camera? Why were you growling at the photographer? What were you thinking with that one?" Ariana just looked up from what she was doing and said, "I don't know, that's just how I smile... I was trying to look like Demi Lovato."

EJ confuses having a photo taken with "biggest smile competition"

Well, my daughter is off the hook... because today I provide you living proof that all sorts of unsuspecting things can be passed along to your children. Feast your eyes on THE GAUB FAMILY PHOTO. Wanna guess which one is me? This all came full circle for me like that weird anti drug commercial in the 90's where the dad who looks like he is straight off the set of Miami Vice storms into his stereotypical "burnout" rocker looking sons room who is chilling on his bed listening to music...The dad holding a box of really hardcore drugs, busts his son for doing drugs... and when questioning his son on how he learned to do drugs... the big climatic scene ends with the kid screaming... "I learned it by watching you dad!" 

Well when I recalled the Gaub Family Photo... I became that dad with his drugs... minus the huge mustache and shirt unbuttoned down to mid chest... except I was not influencing the use of illegal narcotics from a fancy wooden box... but rather... smiling habits.

It is clear to everyone at this point who has read more than one of these... I am that kid, the one eating sand and wearing his undergarments on the outside of his clothing. It pains me to say. This picture hung on the wall inside our school for an entire year. Everyone else in the family looks sane, is dressed well, and positioned to take a proper family photo. However, my brother does appear to look like he may have consumed a possible 4th Gaub sibling right before the photo. But my sister is showing him love... maybe outta fear... don't know. Regardless... this actual photo was the one they went with!!! So I can not image the outtakes. I look to be wearing some sort of velour jumpsuit... or pajamas... at this point... who knows. But it is certainly not normal nor inline with the wardrobe decisions for the rest of the family. I must have missed the memo

Baby EJ tries to have deep thoughts about any color other than red.

The only thing worse than me... is THE RED ROOM. This was my living room. This picture was taken along the good wall! Which consists of outdoor shingling and a random portrait of a lady dancing... who my siblings and I would try to figure out if it was my mom or not... it wasn't. But what you do not see is the rest of the room. So please see the picture below of my mother and I bonding in the red room. THATS RIGHT!!!!!! Velvet Drapes and lampshades with gold tassels. Dark wood panelling and red shag carpet that literally was up to your knees. Matching arm chairs and tons of late 60's early 70's swag. The big issue is that room stayed that exact same way until the mid 90's!!! Yes, you heard me! If I had a dime for every time I brought someone over and they walked into that room and said "what the..." I could retire. So in honor of the RED WOMAN saving the day in Game of Thrones... I bring you the Red Room. And with my velour jumpsuit and the shag carpet... that can only bring us to one song...

SUPERFLY - Curtis Mayfield.

Released in October of 1972, the song was originally an instrumental for the movie he was working on by the same title. The song reached #8 on the billboard top 100. It is considered one of the most influential records to come out of the 70's and in 2004 Rolling Stone gave the record a 5 out of 5 star rating. The amazing baseline and cutting percussion riffs in the intro of the song have been sampled numerous times since it's release. It was featured in the song "EGG MAN" by the Beastie Boys, and "Ready to Die" by Notorious B.I.G. The success of the Superfly record took both record executives and critics by storm. The song is in the key of E Major and is around 112 beats per minute.

3.) Final Random Thought:

"What do we say to the god of death...not today." - Game of Thrones

...69,999 thoughts to go!

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