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Music Production & Mentorship Classes

One of RMC's longest-running programs is the Mentorship program. Students can meet 1-on-1 with an instructor to work specifically on their musical goals, whether those are writing their own songs, lyric crafting, or recording & producing their own music using industry-standard recording software. 


We offer instruction in:




FL Studios



In our Music Production classes, students will learn:

  • How to create their own music

  • Record instruments & vocals

  • Edit recordings

  • EQ & add effects

  • Create original songs

  • Write & record their own music

  • The ins & outs of the Music Industry

  • How to market & sell their music

Our instructors currently mix & record with artists, write, create & produce their own music. 

ej Gaub

Gabe Gomes

Jack Ramsay

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