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Educating. Guiding. Inspiring.

Have you ever taken music lessons but stopped because you were bored with the songs, didn't like your teacher, or never felt like you got the opportunity to put your skills to the test on a real stage?

Too often we hear stories of students who become discouraged with their music lessons and stop before they've even scratched the surface of their potential. They don't like the music they're playing, don't feel like they're getting any better, don't feel the sense of community at their school, and eventually decide to stop lessons altogether, letting their passion and skills fade into the background. Many students don't return to music lessons after experiences like this and regret it into adulthood. 


"I wish I had stuck with music lessons...I would love to be able to play with my children...I just want to accompany myself on songs I like to play."

At RMC, we are dedicated to bringing music to each learners individual skill and interest level to create a life-long love and appreciation for music, whether a student wants to train for a career in music or whether they just want to know how to play their favorite songs. This approach not only keeps students in lessons longer but also teaches them to teach themselves so that music and learning become a never-ending endeavor. We also provide many opportunities for students to take their skills directly to the stage and play with other musicians. Each of our school performances center around creating full-scale music concerts for students to get on a real stage with full sound, lighting, and a backing band so they get the full experience of performing in today's industry. 

We also offer multiple group programs that headline these events. Our Rockshop program pairs students together in bands that work up sets of songs to perform at our events, learn the details and skills of playing in a band with others, and make friends along the way. 

For students interested in Jazz and Jazz theory, we have the RMC Jazz ensemble, where students can improve their playing, improvisation, and play with other students who appreciate Jazz as much as they do. 

We also believe that Drumline doesn't only belong on the football field, so we do it year-round with the RMC Drumline, where students learn and build on the skills needed for drumming with their high school marching band and also for performing group percussion pieces. 

For singers, we have the RMC A Cappella Choir, where students who love to sing and harmonize get to arrange and perform popular songs, and learn to improve and control their riffing and belting abilities in a safe environment.

After experiencing this kind of music education, we've seen students go off to pursue music careers all the way to college and into the music industry, and we've seen those that choose to continue to only play for themselves and their families. But what both groups of students have in common is that their positive experience gave them a connection and understanding of music that they can take with them, expand on, and share throughout their lives. 

It's never too late or too early to begin your music journey.

Schedule a trial lesson to meet one of our teachers and start playing today!


Our Facilities

Lesson Rooms

RMC Studios is located in Garwood, NJ and has 10 lesson rooms of various sizes. Each room is customized for various types of lessons from drums to saxophone.

Recording & Filming Room

RMC houses some of the most advanced recording technology on the east coast. In our brand new recording & filming room, students and local musicians can rehearse, record, or be filmed all in one central location. 


Due to COVID restrictions, our Lobby is currently not open to the public. We hope to be able to open it soon! In the meantime, check out our media collection to see more of our facility.


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