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Private Lessons

We offer safe in-person, in-home & virtual private music lessons to all skill levels and ages on a variety of instruments.

Our private lessons reflect our company's vision, which is for each student to build a life-long passion for music-making & to have fun doing it.

in-person lessons

Our in-person lessons at our Garwood location provide students with a safe space to explore their music potential and meet other students who share their interests. 

We make sure to sanitize before and after each lesson, our lesson rooms are all equipped for safe lessons, and we have a cleaning service regularly coming to the school. 

virtual lessons

If in-person or in-home lessons are not an option for you, or if you are not local to New Jersey, we do still offer virtual lessons. With virtual lessons, no one has to be denied an RMC education!

For virtual lessons we prefer Zoom but are equipped for other platforms. 

In-Home lessons

For those who cannot make it into our studio, we offer in-home lessons. Allow one of our teachers to come directly to you, bringing you the RMC experience. This option works well for families with multiple students. 

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