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The Set List #12

The Setlist is RMC Studio's weekly newsletter! It's jam packed with awesome pictures, videos, and news that you won't want to miss. So make sure you always keep your eye on the setlist, you're gonna want to know what's coming up next!

This Week's Set List:

- Unplugged Slideshow

- New Peeps

- Impossible Feats of Student Strength

- Landslide

-EJ's Snack Time


Studio News and Events

Last weeks acoustic recital was a hit! The students may have been unplugged but the performances were ELECTRIC!!! We're gearing up for our Rockin' Recital this Saturday and then The Super Smash Bros Tournament on the 28th and there's no better way to get pumped then by checking out some photos of last weekends killer performances!


Welcome Wagon

We've got some new students to welcome to RMC Studios! A very warm welcome to:

Allison Kramer-Deeb - Piano

Teacher: Antonia Kitsopoulos

Keira Carulli - Clarinet

Teacher: Dan Hutchinson

Avery Lee - Piano / voice

Teacher: Liz Robbins

Riley Whitlock - Viola

Teacher: Eric Lin

Zoe Drivas - Voice

Teacher: Samantha Adams

Welcome to the RMC family!

We can't wait to make some music with you!


Student / Teacher Juke Box

Every week we're gonna ask a student and their teacher to each name a song that they've been jamming on! This week we feature Logan and his teacher EJ!

Typically a teacher supports a student. For Logan and EJ, it's the other way around.


"Only One" - Yellowcard

"I like it because it has a good drum part."


"Nobody's Fault But Mine" - Led Zeppelin

"This song has a raging drum part that I love."


RMC Featured Video

VoxShop had their debut performance at the unplugged recital this weekend and treated the crowd to a beautiful rendition of "Landslide." Way to go VoxShop! If you're interested in enrolling in VoxShop or any of our other awesome group programs, visit our programs page:


EJ's Deep Thoughts

Thucydides, Aristotle, Plato, John Locke... EJ. These people all have one thing in common. They think. They think DEEP. Take this journey with us to the deepest depths of pontification itself. Take this journey through... EJ's Deep Thoughts

One song has been plaguing EJ's deep thoughts this week...

1.) Quote I am Pondering:

"I've realized that instead of following the trends, you want to identify the trends but not follow them"

- Steve Aoki  

Quotes like this sometimes trip me up because I start getting hung up with what is and is not premeditated action... and whether that is authentic or not. For example... If I purposely say I am not fashion minded and wear the complete opposite of whatever is in style... is that actually a fashion statement thus making me fashion minded? Or, am I truly oblivious to fashion in general and wear whatever I please? But to educate myself on trends does put me into the know, in turn making premeditated action more likely. So what I choose to draw from a quote like this is something I believe and choose to preach to my music students which is to learn the rules but also not be afraid to break the rules. Learn to question instead of blindly following and reach your own conclusions.


Last week I discussed some amazing, yet lethal, snacks from the 80's that today seem like a thing of the past. I am going to stay on my high horse for a bit longer and also pay my condolences to another iconic snacking staple of my childhood. That is the individually wrapped snack cake. Yes, something you could find in any self respecting child's fortified metal lunch box with matching thermos, or on the shelves of convenient stores, drug stores, supermarkets, school snack stands, sports concession stands and on and on. These days you have a better chance of spotting a unicorn than you do an individually wrapped Twinkie. I am gonna break down my favorites for you.

First off, we had 4 players in the game.

1. Drakes Cakes:

Drakes was the big hitter. With too many iconic products to list, being a Drakes Guy was kinda like being that collar up guy driving the porche in all the 80's movies. You were kinda elitist, unhealthy to those you were with, seemed pretty standard and typical on the outside... but somehow just made it work... you know the guy I talking about... this dude:

2. Hostess:

Hostess was home of the Twinkie, Ho Ho, Cupcakes, Fruit Pies, and that Pudding Pie that weighed like 70 pounds and was pure cholesterol. Being a Hostess guy was like being a Mets fan. You kinda look like Drakes Cakes, you kinda have similar products but when push comes to shove you let everyone down, sometimes make us feel sick and damage our hearts. Can you tell I am a Mets fan?

3. TastyKake:

TastyKake did not have many products, but the ones they had were straight fire! They always left this weird oil on your hands when you were done eating them....which was probably due to the fact they actually made an effort to put some decent baking into their cakes... sorry KAKES... as opposed to the YOLO attitude of their competitors. Being a TastyKake guy was like being a Hipster. They did their own thing, it seemed to be on a higher level then what you were up to, you really want to hate on it cause they seem so pretentious but dang-it --- it is just too cool and catchy to stay away from!

4. Little Debbie: 

I'm sorry. If you parents gave you Little Debbie as a child it is because you were on punishment or they did not like you. That is really all I can say about this. Seeing Little Debbie in my lunchbox immediately made me angry and I would trade that stuff away typically to the kid in class who ate glue. His name was Dominic. If he did not have any kind of snack... I would trade him for his glue stick. That his how much I disliked Little Debbie.

My Top 5:

5. Drakes Devil Dog:

They packed nicely in a box, tasted great even though you needed a gallon of fluid to wash it down.

4.  Drakes Apple Fruit Pies:

These were awesome! They had like 5 pounds of glaze on the top that you could literally peel off and inside was like 1% apple and the rest a sugar syrup. Perfect kid ratios.

3. TastyKakes Butterscotch Krimpets:

These were incredible. The cake was super soft and the butterscotch topping...(if you could get it to actually stay on the top of the cake while unwrapping)....was a slice of heaven. If you could not get the butterscotch to stay on top,.....then you had to sit there and lick and chew on the plastic wrapper like some kind of heathen...but the butterscotch was that good. You had no choice.

2. TastyKakes KandyKakes:

After awhile you figured TastyKake would stop patting themselves on the back for how clever they are using a "K" in the place of a "C"... but these KandyKakes were to die for... They were the perfect size and the chocolate coating outside actually stayed attached!!!...not like ring dings, yodels, ho-ho's or a variety of other contenders. There was nothing worse than a smashed Ring Ding.

1:  Hostess Chocodiles: 

How can you make a Twinkie and actually make it even worse for you? Well, dip it in chocolate!!! OMG you have the greatest snack on the planet. A chocodile and a Jolt Cola were pretty much the cornerstone of my prepubescent diet.

3.) Random Thought:

Time can release as well as imprison. Which version do you use?

.......69,999 thoughts to go.

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