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The Set List #3

Lil' Cat put the rock in Rock Stock this past weekend!

Welcome to The Set List

The Setlist is RMC Studio's NEW weekly newsletter! It's jam packed with awesome pictures, videos, and news that you won't want to miss. So make sure you always keep your eye on the setlist, you're gonna want to know what's coming up next!

This Week's Set List:

- Rock Stock Pics

- Summer Programs

- Barbershop Quartet Hijinks

- New Students

- Pink Floyd Tunes

- Coheed And Cambria Covers

- EJ's Adventures In The North Pole


Studio News and Events

This past Saturday's Rock Stock was an unforgettable show! 5 bands took the stage, Lil' Cat, Nova, Feedback, Foot In The Door, and Various Artists. Each band brought their own brand of relentless rock fury with them and gave the audience a night they will never forget! Check out some of the photos in the slideshow above to get a little taste of some of the rock mayhem.

Summer is right around the corner and there's still time to sign up for one of our summer work shops! We've got workshops on every topic you could possibly imagine, from marching band, to music production and more so come fill your summer with music at RMC!

Did you know that Thursday was National Barbershop Quartet Day? Our resident Barbershop master, Dan Hutchinson, recruited some teachers to try their hand at a barbershop "tag." Be sure to show your local singing barber some love this week!


Welcome Wagon

We've got a few new students to welcome to RMC Studios! A very warm welcome to the following students:


Jake, Drums

Teacher - Liam Hughes

Lucas, Drums

Teacher - George Maher

Welcome to the RMC family!

We can't wait to make some music with you!


Student / Teacher Juke Box

Every week we're gonna ask a student and their teacher to each name a song that they've been jamming on! This week we feature Henry Healey and his teacher Mark Bucci!


"Wish You Were Here" - Pink Floyd

"I like it because it sounds good and I like Pink Floyd."


" A Lot's Gonna Change" - Weyes Blood

"I like it a lot because she's a really great songwriter and it sounds like Joni Mitchell And The Carpenters but modernized.


RMC Featured Video

Various Artists closed out Rock Stock with a raucous rendition of "Welcome Home" by Coheed And Cambria. Various Artists consists of Rosie Deeb, Jonas Wilcox, Lawrence Hatfield, Scot Brown, Ryan Ginty, and Leo Brandt (who is not in the video because he was out crushing it at a jazz band competition! Go Leo!) Stay tuned to The Setlist this month as we feature our Rock Stock artists!


EJ's Thought Bubble

As the fearless leader behind RMC Studios, EJ's brain is chock full of introspective musings. So much so that we've created a space for him to offload those musings and share them with the world! This is EJ's thought bubble...

Ej challenges his deep thinking by removing a leg from the thought process.

1.) Quote I am Pondering:

"When you are walking, walk. When you are standing, stand.When you are sitting, sit. Don't wobble."----The Buddha

I love this quote cause it works on so many levels. The first is to "be present" and focus on the moment and task at hand. However, what I really love about this thought is it draws to our attention what we give our attention to. If I am eating, reading and listening to the radio, I have a third of my mind on eating, a third on reading, and a third on the listening to the radio... not to mention breaking from those to look at people passing by or any other stimulus that might cross my senses.

So what is happening is that I am not really doing anything well in that moment in addition to missing out on the true pleasures in each experience. In a day and age when multi-tasking is a badge of honor and we look to see how much we can cram into a day, an hour or a moment, or we can not go 30 seconds without checking our phone or social media... it is awesome to remind yourself to slow down and find the true joy in engaging in just one thing with single focus to the best of your ability. It is often termed "flow."

Photo One: EJ takes his deep thoughts on the road.

2.) Awkward Family Photo and Track I am Listening To:

Todays gem comes straight from the Gaub family vacation photo album. Which actually is very thin because as a family we only traveled to two vacation destinations together. Upstate New York till I was about 10 years old, then Ortley Beach at the Jersey Shore right up until my mom passed. This picture, comes from "Santa's Workshop" in Upstate NY. You may already be wondering who visits Santa's Workshop in the middle of August...and based off the fact this is an amusement park (supposedly) and I am standing at the main attraction without a single other person in sight other than my siblings....the answer is NOBODY!!!!

I included a bonus picture for your viewing pleasure to prove that this site was visited by the Gaub's multiple times and truthfully I am now wondering if this was just a facade by my parents and we were just at some dudes house who happens to have a giant Ice Rod chilling in his backyard. Cause all I see is some stone, a random bush, and a tiny house. This is hardly Magic Kingdom. 

This is one of those pictures where 18 year old, or 30 year old EJ would have loved to have shown up and just whispered to little EJ... get away from the giant ice pole, and please stop embracing it with both hands and a smile... you will thank me later.

Photo Two: Live long and think deeply.

Picture two, the younger EJ, looks like he just walked off the set of BattleStar Gallatica or some Sci-Fi  movie with the outfit I am rocking. Sadly I wish I could tell you this was a one off thing... but looking through tons of photos I can confirm I have multiple outfits like this in a variety of colors. My brother seemed to have dodged a bullet with only making his appearance in the first photo. For any of you who are keeping up with my photo sharing, you also may begin to notice my sister appears to be both the brains and beauty of the family. In photo two she approaches with caution and in photo one she is clearly protesting by flashing the POWER TO THE PEOPLE fist. My only saving grace in photo one is my brother appears to be enjoying his embrace with the North Pole a bit more than me.

Any one else find it curious that this large cylinder of ice sitting in the direct sun on top of hot reflective stone is not melting at all? Or is anyone else alarmed by how high I wear my shorts or the actual short to sock ratio? In addition to my mother not paying for haircuts which I mentioned last week, which is represented again full force in these photos... she also did not like her children having shoelaces... we were all velcroed out for like 12 years. It was a monumental day when I was finally permitted shoes with laces!

These pics bring to mind " A Hazy Shade Of Winter" by Simon And Garfunkel. Originally released just as a single in October of 1966 it reached number 13 on the charts. What is great about this song is that it has been covered a few times. Most notably The Bangles covered the song with epic producer Rick Ruben in 1987 for the soundtrack to the movie Less Than Zero. The song peaked at number 2 on the charts. It was recently covered again by Gerard Way from the band My Chemical Romance for the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy... which I actually enjoyed watching!

The song has a blazing guitar riff along with flowing melodic vocals and pounding drums. Paul Simon wrote this song while spending time in England. The song opens with the immortal lyrics "time, time time, see whats become of me while I looked around for my possibilities. I was so hard to please." Great lyric, and I feel what makes this song like so many other great songs is that the lyrics are open to interpretation. One thing that is not debatable is I can guarantee Paul Simon was not inspired to pen this classic while gripping a frozen ice pole in the dead heat of August up in nowheresville. I believe the Simon and Garfunkel version is in the Key of Dm. The saddest of all keys (bonus points for anyone who gets this reference!!!!)

3.) Final Random Thought:

If you apply stress (pressure) to a lemon....lemon juice comes out. If you apply stress to an apple, apple juice comes out, if you apply stress to an orange, orange juice comes out... what is inside comes out under pressure. So what comes out of us when we are under pressure? 

...69,999 thoughts to go!! Be well!


Our hearts are with our Westfield families mourning the loss of

Principal Derrick Nelson.

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