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The Set List #2

"Various Artists" prepare to take the stage this Saturday at the RMC Rock Stock!

Welcome to The Setlist

The Setlist is RMC Studio's NEW weekly newsletter! It's jam packed with awesome pictures, videos, and news that you won't want to miss. So make sure you always keep your eye on the setlist, you're gonna want to know what's coming up next!


Studio News and Events

Rock Stock is upon us!

Get ready for some blistering hot performances because all the rock shops are ready to tear the roof off of the Crossroads this Saturday, April 6th! The students will be playing songs by famous rock legends like Billy Joel, Green Day, Grand Funk Railroad and many more! The show starts at 5 so be sure to come down toThe Crossroads and get ready to rock cuz this one's gonna get loud!

Youth art month may be over but we have no shortage of amazing artistic talent in studio! Just check out these AMAZING illustrations done by EJ's drum student, Madison Stanisci! Madison will be taking the stage this Saturday at The Crossroads for Rock Stock. Way to go Madison!

If you're a singer then don't forget to sign up for one of our Vox Shop classes! Click on the flyer of the class you're interested in to sign up!


Welcome Wagon

We've got a few new family's to welcome to RMC Studios! A very warm welcome to the following families:


Kevin, Piano

Teacher - Samantha Adams


Aidan, Drums

Teacher - Dan Graziano


Jake, Audio Engineering

Teacher - Gabriel Gomez


Amelia, Voice

Teacher - Samantha Adams


Julian, Bass

Teacher - Liam Hughes

Welcome to the RMC family!

We can't wait to make some music with you!


Student / Teacher Juke Box

Every week we're gonna ask a student and their teacher to each name a song that they've been jamming on! This week we feature Grace Carroll and her teacher Molly Delonas!


Fight Song - Rachel Platten

" I like "Fight Song" because it's very powerful."


Kamennoi - Ostrow

"This is a piece I'm working on right now because I looked at the sheet music and thought it looked cool. It's also a really beautiful piece when you listen to it."


RMC Featured Video

Have you gotten your practice in today? Max Kocaj has! At the age of just 13,

he is absolutely CRUSHING the third movement of Moonlight Sonata!

Max has been hard at work on the full piece with his teacher,

Antonia Kitsopoulos-Graziano and we would say that all his hard work has paid off! Way to go Max, and keep making that beautiful music!


EJ's Thought Bubble

As the fearless leader behind RMC Studios, EJ's brain is chock full of introspective musings. So much so that we've created a space for him to offload those musings and share them with the world! This is EJ's thought bubble...

EJ displaying his ability to read while having deep thoughts.

1.) Quote I am Pondering:

"There are no justified resentments" - Wayne Dyer

I feel like the first time you reflect on this quote, what comes to mind is that we should not look to blame others for the circumstances in our lives, whether emotional, physical, financial or otherwise. That giving that power away makes us feel helpless, open to manipulation and remaining stuck in habitual thinking and routine based loops. However, on deeper reflection, I think of how scientific research has recently shown the impact of emotion and thought on our state of being.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, who authored a New York Times Best Seller, conducted experiments with water in order to prove how our thoughts and feelings impact our reality. He feels water is a blueprint for our reality, seeing as how we are primarily water. This experiment looked to prove how emotional energy could change the molecular structure of water. His book "The Hidden Messages in Water" is fascinating. While not without critics or skeptics, I feel what is safe to say is that emotional energy does have a profound impact on the body.

Therefore what resentment could we hold on to that we could  justify is worth ruining our health over in a voluntary fashion? What could be done to us that afterwards we feel the need to keep using it to hurt ourselves over and over and over? I try to remind myself of this when I feel stuck holding on to the past, anger, jealousy or any other emotion that causes me to feel in a negative way. In some ways it should carry the same surgeon general warning that smoking does.

EJ manifesting himself as a deep thought within the minds of his siblings.

2.) Awkward Family Photo and Track I am Listening To:

This picture is known amongst my siblings as "Creepy Ghost head EJ Photo. "While I let you drink in the masterpiece, I am going to take a moment to sigh and shake my head. This picture was a staple in the Gaub Family living room till I left home around 18 years of age. Most of the time visitors who saw this photo were shocked to know I was still alive and an actual member of the family, as I appear to be nothing more than a floating head haunting the dreams of the two children living in the house.

Where to start... well, if you could not tell, my mother did not like to pay for haircuts. Instead she allowed our Grandfather to cut our hair on the front porch of our house for the neighborhood to witness. His technique was essentially to cut in a straight line only removing the hair that blocked the eyes. Therefore our hairstyle closely resembled 1930's football helmets. Second, my sister apparently was the only one who got the memo on which way the camera was. Remind you, this was our "A" game family photo that stayed up for over 13 years! I really don't wanna know what the "B" footage was. Finally, did I really need to be a creepy floating head? I mean, I am pretty sure they could have simply squeezed me into the shot or even had me lay across the bottom.. sports photo style. Who is responsible for this idea?

"Mrs, here is what I'm thinking, we are going to take a semi normal photo of your two children with the weird hair then we will take a second photo of your oldest, but in side profile, enlarge his head, black out everything else and float him above the other two."

Why? And WHY ME!? This was taken at the Sears that was recently torn down on route 22. We used to go to a department store for family photos.

This photo immediately brings to mind "StarMan" by David Bowie. I used to sift through my dads albums and find the ones with the cool pictures then take the record back to my room and play it on my record player. He would absolutely flip every time he found out... but the guy did have great taste in records. Creepy Ghosthead EJ photo was right above where the records were... so this all comes together for me.

StarMan is off "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars." David Bowie had been a jazz saxophonist and also a mime artist prior to his rise as a legendary singer/songwriter.....and Ziggy Stardust helped to launch a revolution.

The album was very conceptual and Bowie was told to "write a hit" for the record, as the business side did not believe there was a single yet. StarMan was the last song written and ended up being a huge hit for Bowie. The song is essentially about a young boy listening to the radio when it is taken over by an alien who proceeds to tell him that the youth of the day can save the world through rock and roll. The boy is afraid to be considered crazy once he sees the spaceship in the sky, but ends up being more intrigued with the notion of helping others by saving the world via rock and roll. The song was recorded in 1972 and is in the key of F Major. 

3.) Final Random Thought:

Scientific research has stated that we have over 70,000 thoughts each day. Out of those thoughts roughly 90% are recurring thoughts. If I am just repeating the same line of thinking day over day and carrying out the same I more like a computer than I realize?...........69,999 thoughts to go for today

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