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The Set List #1

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

Welcome to The Setlist

The Setlist is RMC Studio's NEW weekly newsletter! It's going to be jam packed with awesome pictures, videos, and news that you won't want to miss. So make sure you always keep your eye on the setlist, you're gonna want to know what's coming up next!


Studio News and Events


Click on the pictures above to sign up for Intro to Vox Shop or Vox Shop

Hey singers! Looking for an opportunity to sing more while expanding on all the concepts and techniques you’ve been learning in your voice lessons? Look no further than our new Vox Shop programs!

Our Intro to Vox Shop program is perfect for young singers who are looking to start taking their knowledge of voice to the next level. They will learn the basics of singing in parts, sing vocal arrangements accompanied by piano, and have fun with classic glee club and choral repertoire.

More experienced singers will find the standard Vox Shop to be the perfect place to really hone their craft. Get comfortable with the more advanced repertoire, choral concepts, and A cappella arrangements that serve to expand a singers abilities. Click on the flyer for the program you would like to sign up for and let's start singing!

Rock Shops all around the studio have had one question on their minds this week. "What are we gonna play for the Rockstock concert at the Crossroads on April 6th!?" Set lists are being hashed out and there is one common thread between every group...they all sound AWESOME! This will definitely be a show to remember so don't miss it! Click on the image to buy tickets!

A young artist and her family help us celebrate Westfield's tremendously talented youth!

This month has been all about shining a spotlight on Westfield's rising artistic talent as we celebrate Youth Art Month at RMC! Our studio has been decked out in student art all month and the art will continue to be displayed until the end of March. If you haven't come in to check out our gallery then now is the time!

The weather is just starting to get warmer and that can only mean one thing... recital season is upon us! Students of all ages will have an opportunity to demonstrate their musical skills at the RMC Unplugged Spring Recital on June 9th. Students can either take the stage solo or accompanied by their teacher. Click the image to sign up!

Unplugged too quiet for your taste? Then the Rockin' Recital is the place you're gonna want to be! June 15th at the Crossroads is when and where it all goes down. At this recital, each student will be backed by the RMC Teacher Band! They'll have an opportunity to rehearse with the full band before their performance as well. So get ready to turn the volume up to 11, because this show's gonna rock! Click the image to sign up!


Welcome Wagon

We've got a few new family's to welcome to RMC Studios! A very warm welcome to the following families:


Carson, Trumpet

Teacher - Dan Hutchinson


Chase, Drums

Teacher - Dan Graziano


Brennan, Drums / Liam, Guitar

Teachers - Dan Graziano / Liam Hughes


Brandon, Guitar / Kiera, Piano

Teachers - Liam Hughes / Molly Delonas

Welcome to the RMC family!

We can't wait to make some music with you!


Student / Teacher Juke Box

Every week we're gonna ask a student and their teacher to each name a song that they've been jamming on! This week we feature Jack Hill and his guitar teacher George Maher!


"I've been listening to "Stairway to Heaven." I like how all the parts go together and I like when the drums kick in."


"Jack's been inspiring me to play more Led Zeppelin so I've been playing the song "Rock n' Roll."


RMC Featured Video

We recently made a commercial for our Recording services at RMC! Check it out and come record with us sometime!


Portland Calling

Did you know we're in Portland too? RMC Portland just recently celebrated the grand opening of their physical location! Check out their new building!


EJ's Thought Bubble

As the fearless leader behind RMC Studios, EJ's brain is chock full of introspective musings. So much so that we've created a space for him to offload those musings and share them with the world! This is EJ's thought bubble...

EJ contemplates the more subtle nuances of marine biology.

1. Quote I am Pondering: "The Dao that can be spoken is not the eternal Dao." From The Dao De Jing

Without going to deep into spiritual philosophy, I love this first line in the Dao because it can also serve a simplistic meaning to me. That is, the habit of naming and labeling things and how quick, easy and, subconscious that can be. How can any person or experience possibly be described in entirety and with complete accuracy by words or a label? Often times labels and definitions serve to hold me back from truly experiencing what is in front of me because it sets up expectations. This quote serves to bring me back to accepting things can be much larger than a label or description and I can allow a true unfolding and witness many more wonders and mysteries when I am open to seeing things as they show up in the present.

2. Embarrassing family photo and track I am listening to:

Baby EJ having his first Deep Thought.

Ok, so this picture is me at 9 months old, and I have a series of questions and concerns. First, what was the photographer thinking? Who or what is the subject of this photo? I'm thinking I made it into the photo based off my sheer body mass index... considering  the plate, with FORK without a morsel of food on it, and the bottle without a drop of formula, I must have polished off a healthy meal, and now I am kicking back ready to enjoy a nice musical nightcap. However, I have to question the parental decision to put a nine month old upright in a rocking chair (although its pretty tricked out), with headphones on blasting music into his ears. Were the stereo speakers not working? But I do have a pretty sweet outfit on and the same confused look I sport today... so all is good. What I am most likely listening to is The Beatles. My dad and I were never close, but the one thing I got from him was a love of records and classic rock. He loved The Beatles and I remember hearing their music play constantly.

Seeing this photo made me think of Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds.

A song composed by John Lennon that most think is based off a drug reference. While the song was composed during a period when John Lennon was experimenting with drugs, the song is loosely based off some Alice in Wonderland Concepts and he also mentioned later on possibly based off a drawing his son showed him. Recorded in February of 1967, the song uses 3 keys and 2 time signatures. Using G#, A and F# major and also having the verses in 3/4 and the chorus in 4/4..... we are once again looking at another unconventional song that stands the test of time. The Beatles were also experimenting in classical Indian music techniques where a guitar like instrument doubles the vocal melody. In Indian music this instrument is called a sarangi. The Beatles did this with George Harrisons guitar and a Leslie Cabinet... John Lennon wanted this cabinet suspended from the ceiling and spun around the room... his engineers humored him but eventually told him they could not find any rope. You can hear this clearly during the section that contains the lyrics "cellophane flowers."

The reel to reel tape that recorded the song was slowed down at different times during the recording process to manipulate the sound of the vocals... making them seem higher and more dream like. In addition, the overall mix employed a revolutionary concept at the time called FLANGING... where the tape has slow slight pressure applied to it causing a slight speed up slow down push pull like quality.

3. Final Random Thought:

Am I experiencing the world as it is or my nervous system?

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