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Rockshop Program

The RMC Rockshop Program is the only place where students can make their own bands & create musical experiences that last a lifetime! Students get to continue to work on their instrument, learn how to play some of their favorite songs, learn new ones & make friends along the way. 

Our Rockshop instructors will place you in a band, help guide you on your instrument & teach you how play with others. Learn what it takes to be in a real band!

Our Rockshops are not only for our younger students but for adult students as well! Take your performance skills to the next level by being placed in an Adult Rockshop, learning from our instructors who actively perform in bands themselves.


Rockshop bands meet for 1 hour, once a week. We host events for our Rockshop bands to perform throughout the year. We are always looking to create new bands, so contact us today to get your band together!

EJ Gaub is RMC's Rockshop Coordinator.

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