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RMC Rewards

RMC is now offering a Rewards program for their customers just for being a part of the RMC Family!

Get discounts on lessons, group programs, camps, our merchandise, & more! 

If you're currently taking lessons, you're automatically enrolled in our Rewards program. See below to see how to make the most out of your membership!

How to Enroll

If you're signed up for lessons, you're already enrolled!

Want to sign up for lessons?

Click the below to register now!

Earning Points

You can earn RMC Rewards Points by:

•Signing up for events

•Refering a friend

•Being a member of one of our Clubs or Group Programs

•Enrolling in a Summer Camp

•Following us on social media

•Sharing our posts or tagging us on social media

•Buying our RMC Merch

Redeeming Points

Redeem your points at any time:

20 Points

•10% off your next merch order

•10% off Summer Camp tuition

50 Points

•1 Free Lesson

•1 Free month in one of our Clubs or Group Programs

100 Points

•1 Free Audio/Video recording session


Points do not roll over if you stop lessons for an extended period.

Points are not transferable between families.

You must currently be enrolled in lessons to participate in the RMC Rewards program.

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