Recording Studio

Recording . Mixing . Mastering

From Pre-production to mastering, we've got you covered


There's no better place to cut a record than RMC! We offer   1-on-1 songwriting and arranging assistance, high level musical accompaniment and professionally engineered, mixed and mastered audio tracks.

Wether you're looking to go all out on a full production or just cut a demo with some friends, RMC Studios is the perfect place for all your recording needs!

We also offer programs designed for students who are looking to combine contemporary tools and technology with traditional music theory and training. Students can learn to maximize the potential of the programs they already use.

Photos & Videos

Stunning Visuals For Every Need

Music and Audio isn't all we do! As lovers of all things creative, we also handle the visual side of things too. All our photos and videos are created in-house. From student audition videos to ads for businesses, RMC Studios can cover all of your photo and video needs.