The RMC Family Jam #3 - Believer

RMC is dedicated to creating ways for our teachers, students & families to continue to make music together during the quarantine. 

So we started the RMC Family Jam as a way to bring all of us together to do what we love...make music!

The RMC Family is at it again! And this time we take on Imagine Dragon's "Believer" with the message that even in the most challenging times we can rise above the struggles and come out of it stronger, together...believers!

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Virtual Music Lessons

During this time, RMC has gone virtual! You can still take individual music lessons with our amazing staff. We're also offering all of our group music classes online as well! Continue your musical journey from home with RMC. Click below to enroll today or for more information. 

A Place to Thrive

RMC is much more than a music studio. It is a collective. A collective of very talented teachers. A collective of creative students. A collective of family and friends that trust us to inspire. A true collaboration of Teacher, Student and Parent. So whether you aspire to play Carnegie Hall or to play in your home, RMC Studios is centered around connecting the hopes and dreams of each student to music through passion and the love of performing.


Why do we teach the arts?

Not because we expect you to major in it at college...

Not because we expect you to play or sing all your life...

But, so you will be more human

So you will recognize beauty

So you will have something to cling to

So you will have more compassion, more gentleness, more good, in short,

...more life...


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